The following email was received by a long time resident and neighbor. He has asked that we send this out to as many homeowners as possible. We firmly believe that people need to be informed in a truthful and factual manner before making any decisions.

Dear Neighbors,

As Twin Lakes’ homeowners, we are concerned about continuous seemingly-harassing letters we are receiving from Mr. Rick Pitrowski promoting “recalling” and thereby overturning a legal and valid Twin Lakes HOA election that was held in October, 2022.

The reason for our concern is that Mr. Pitrowski has tried this kind of thing before, during a Twin Lakes election in October, 2014. We will outline below Mr. Pitrowski’s involvement in the attempt to undermine the 2014 Twin Lakes HOA election:

  • The attached Power Point (PPT) slides were presented during the October 14, 2014 HOA meeting that outline Mr. Pitrowkis’ involvement in the photo-copying of at least 76 proxy-ballots which made the ballots unquarantined, improper and inconsistent with election ballot rules—as advised by the new HOA legal counsel at the time, Steve Gardner.
  • Mr. Pitrowski participated in this improper proxy-ballot measure to place “certain people” on the HOA board (Terry O., Scott D., Lou B.) after the existing (2014) HOA board’s previous vote on a vendor for 450+ new (black, powder-coated-aluminum, industry-standard) mailboxes that are still part of our Twin Lakes community today. As a result of that mailbox decision, the HOA board did not select Mr. Pitrowki’s (mailbox) company recommendation for mailbox replacements. It is well documented that Mr. Pitrowski’s involvement in the attempt to manipulate the 2014 HOA board elections could have reversed that (mailbox) decision in his favor.
  • Mr. Pitrowski’s involvement in the (2014) improper proxy-ballot initiative was initiated by a letter sent out to the entire Twin Lakes Community called…”Save Twin Lakes”…and threatened legal action by holding the HOA “accountable” and then later threatened legal action by holding the individual HOA Board of Directors “personally accountable”…very similar to the “Time For A Change” letters we’ve all been receiving. We’d like to know who is coordinating and promoting Mr. Pitrowski’s efforts to mail these divisive “Time For A Change” letters to our personal home addresses?
  • Furthermore during that October 2014 HOA meeting, a conflict of interest (CI) was uncovered when it was discovered that the existing HOA attorney at the time overseeing these elections shared several business ventures with Mr. Pitrowski which were not disclosed to the HOA. As outlined in the attached attorney’s letter as part of the PPT presentation, the attorney states that “…it became readily apparent that Rick Pitrowski is currently involved with the proxies at issue…”. Allowing the counting of these improper and inconsistent proxy-ballots during the HOA election meeting caused that attorney to recuse/transition from further Twin Lakes HOA elections.

All this to say that as Twin Lakes’ Homeowners, if we are not in favor of the current HOA board of directors, then we have the option and the freedom to vote otherwise in October, 2023. However, the attempt to antagonize and anger neighbors to promote day-to-day division and hostility is not only detrimental for the community, but also provides unnecessary resentment toward our own neighbors—which is what we fear all these letters from Mr. Pitrowski are designed to do. We live in a beautiful community, let’s enjoy it together and resolve to make it better through cooperation, rather than division.



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